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Dr.Caune private doctor - endocrinologist in Riga

Doctor’s consultations (GP), home visits

Private doctor and endocrinologist consultations

Medical examination for all kinds of certificates

Laboratory tests


Prescriptions e.c.t.

Telephone/e mail consultation

 For all US visa applicants who require medical examination full seriesof covid primary vaccination is mandatory. 

Requirements according to age group: 6month-4 yrs(including) 3 Comirnaty(Ffizer) or 2 Spikevax (Moderna)vaccines are required for full basic vaccination. 

5 yrs and older applicants- as previously full basic covid vaccination.

You can start the medical examination and finalise the exam when thevaccination criteria is fully completed.

Dr. Caunes private practice working:

  • Dr. Livia Caune-Kazocina Certified internist, occupational physician.

  • Dr. Olivija Caune Certified internist, certified endocrinologist

Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Latvian

The availability of Dr. Caunes's private practice for disabled people is on the first floor without thresholds.

At the moment endocrinologist Dr Olivija Caune works here:

1.Private office branch in Jurmala: Jurmalas slimnica. https://jurmalasslimnica.lv/en/private-practice/en...

2.ARS Clinic: https://arsmed.lv/en/specialists/caune-endocrinolo...

Medical certificates examination for immigration visa


  • Doctors visit (office)

    50.00 EUR

    (Appointments only: drcaune2@latnet.lv, www.drcaune.lv)

  • Repeated visit

    35.00 EUR

    (within 2 weeks)

  • Repeated endocrinologist's visit

    30.00 EUR

  • Specialist's consultation (endocrinologist Dr.Olivia Caune)

    55.00 EUR

    (Appointments 67752254, pieraksts@jurmalasslimnica.lv)

  • Occupational doctor's surgery visit

    30.00 EUR

  • Home visit

    150.00 EUR

  • Telephone/e mail consultation

    10.00 EUR

  • Doctor's videoconsultation

    25.00 EUR

  • Endocrinologist's videoconsultation

    25.00 EUR

  • Compulsory Health Check (Occupational Health Visit)

    45.00 EUR

  • Prescription

    15.00 EUR

  • Laboratory tests- according to laboratory pricelist

  • Medical examination for immigration to USA*

    141.00 EUR

    +doctor's advice on vaccination 50.00 EUR

  • Medical examination for immigration to Canada

    191.00 EUR

  • Medical examination for immigration to Australia*

    191.00 EUR

    The price includes general examination, filling out of the med. documents.

  • General health check immigration to New Zealand *

    191.00 EUR

    “Working holiday” visa - 50.00 EUR

  • Medical examination for immigration - Children under 15

    191.00 EUR

  • Electronic file create an e-medical system

    50.00 EUR

  • Prescriptions, on-line referrals

    15.00 EUR

  • On-line and telephone consultations

    15.00 EUR

  • Minor medical procedures e.g. injections, wound dressings

    15.00 EUR

  • Vaccinations

    15.00 EUR

    (+vaccine price according to the supplier’s price list -“Vakcina”Ltd www.vakcina.lv)

For payment you are requested to use bank trasfer, bank card or Xealix insurance
(if applicable)
Bank details: SEB UNLALV2X LV39UNLA0050001296845

 Dr.Caune private doctor - endocrinologist in Riga, contacts and requisites

Dr. Caunes privātprakse, SIA


E-mail: drcaune2@latnet.lv
Mob.phone: +371 29139115 / emergencies

Opening Hours:

Dr Līvija Caune-Kažociņa - internist, occupational physician, panel physician (US,Canada,Australia, New Zealand)

Monday/Tuesday 8:00 -11:00

Address: Hospital "Jūrmalas slimnīca", 3rd floor, Vienības prospekts 19/21, Jūrmala.

Thursday 8:00-13:00

Address: Riga, Brīvības Street 39, 3rd floor, 31.office

Apply online: drcaune2@latnet.lv
For information: 29 139 115

Dr.Olivia Caune (endocrinologist, internist, panel physician (Canada)

Address: Hospital "Jūrmalas slimnīca", 3rd floor, Vienības prospekts 19/21, Jūrmala.

Working hours: on Fridays 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00

Apply for visit

Information/appointment: 67 752 254
Email: pieraksts@jurmalasslimnica.lv

Company details

Legal name: Dr. Caunes privātprakse, Ltd.
Reg. Nr.: 40003474503
Bank details: AS "SEB banka";  UNLALV2X
Account Nr: LV39UNLA0050001296845

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