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SIA "Dr. Caunes private practice" is a private medical practice registered in Latvia, which offers various medical services.


dr. Caune private practice specialists

dr. Livija Caune - Kažociņa  

advises in Latvian, Russian, English, German

  • private physician/therapist

  • certified physician for immigration to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (panel physician)

  • professional doctor

dr. Olivia Caune 

advises in Latvian, Russian, English, French

  • endocrinologist

  • therapist

  • certified physician for immigration to Canada (panel physician)


​Administrative Assistant

Doctor Checking a Form

Our practice offers:

  • Private doctor services in case of various diseases.

  • Endocrinologist consultation.

  • Examinations by an occupational physician for a mandatory health check-up (OVP).

  • Immigration medical examination and document preparation to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Private doctor services

  • A private doctor with many years of experience in medicine advises patients in cases of diagnostic difficulties.

  • Explains the origin of diseases in detail.

  • Outlines a plan for further investigation and treatment.

  • If necessary, a work incapacity sheet, prescriptions, appointments for examinations are issued.

  • Selects specialists for the necessary consultations.


  • Advises and treats patients:

  • with diabetes and carbohydrate metabolism disorders,

  • thyroid, adrenal and pituitary diseases,

  • calcium metabolism disorders and osteoporosis,

  • adiposity and other endocrine diseases.

Occupational physician (OVP)

  • Performs mandatory health check-up (OVP) for representatives of various professions in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers regulations.


American Flags

Medical examination
US visas
for acquisition

Medical examination
Canadian visas
for acquisition

Medical examination
for an Australian visa

Medical examination
To obtain a New Zealand visa


dr. Caune private practice prices
           (Starting from 01.10.2023)

Visit to doctor Dr. Livija Caune - Kažociņa (apply:, - 65.00 EUR

Repeat doctor's visit in 2 weeks - 45.00 EUR

Endocrinologist consultation Dr. Olivia Caune (apply: 67752254, - 50.00 EUR

Control of analyzes for repeated patients - 25.00 EUR

Urgent consultation outside reception hours within the next 5 working days - 65.00 EUR

Mandatory health examinations - 65.00 EUR

Medical examination with a medical report (file) in a foreign language (english, german, french) - 203EUR

Health check for immigration to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand - 203.00 EUR


Health check for immigration to Canada for citizens of Ukraine with 10% discount - 183.00 EUR


For New Zealand immigration visa, if required ONLY rtg.  - 60.00 EUR

Referral for a chest x-ray examination with a report in english - 30.00 EUR

Please make the payment without cash (bank card, transfer to a bank account)

Bank details:

SEB Bank

code: UNLALV2X 

account: LV39UNLA0050001296845

SIA "Dr. Caunes private practice"



Dr. Caunes private practice contacts

We work by appointment only. Registration can be done electronically by e-mail.

Working time

Mondays, Wednesdays from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m

Company details

Legal name: Dr.Caunes private practice, SIA
Registration number: 40003474503
Bank: AS "SEB banka"; Code: UNLALV2X
Account no.: LV39UNLA0050001296845

pietikties vizitei

Dr. Livija Caune-Kažociņa

Address: Riga, Skolas 5 (ARS), room 202, 2th floor through the reception, corridor to the left.

Dr. Livija Caune-Kažociņa

Mobile phone: +371 29 139 115


Apply for a visit here

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Dr. Olivia Caune

accepts at the Jurmala Hospital, and they have their own schedule


Apply at the Jurmala Hospital reception

Phone: +371 67 752 254

Address: Jurmala Hospital. Vienibas prospectus 19/21, Jurmala, 1st floor, 104. room.


Medical examination for a Canadian visa  Apply

Apply for a visit here

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